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 Caponi Epoxy Grout Color Seal


Re-Grouting Caponi 2 Part Epoxy Pigmented Grout Seal Color

Re-grouting can be very messy and dusty.  The myth is, re-grout your shower when the grout is stained or the cleaners you used dissolved grout.  With Caponi 2 part epoxy color sealer, you can clean the grout and apply the sealer right on top of the old grout.  No mess, staining, dust or wasted time scrubbing grout joints. 

 Caponi 2 part epoxy can also be submerged underwater in shower environments.  We have a clear waterproofing primer that will need to be installed before applying Caponi Color Seal.  The primer will soak deep into the grout.  The grout line on top of the shower floor may seem to be dry, but underneath the tile, the moisture levels are very high. Caponi is a topical sealer which will bond to the primer and create a barrier to prevent stains, mold and mildew to establish.  A primer is not needed in any other application unless there was another sealer used to seal the grout.  Below is the link to the Caponi page in our online store which has directions and instructions.  We have a large amount of different colors or we could custom match any color for you for an extra charge.  

                                    Caponi Epoxy Color Sealant


If you have cracked grout lines apply Sentura into the cracked joint and the strong epoxy will bond the joint back together.  Customer's with efflorescence on the shower floor will defiantly need Sentura.  Once the efflorescence is removed the grout line will be empty and if regular grout is used, it will just crack again in the future.  You can also remove all the caulk in your shower and replace it with Sentura to prevent mold and mildew and all the other problems that comes with caulk.

 Caponi 2-Part Pigmented Grout Sealer

We have contractor and quantity discounts and we also hold classes at our testing branch in Woodstock Georgia just north of Atlanta.

 At pFOkUS we believe your time is more important spent with family and friends instead of on your hands and knees scrubbing your tile and grout.


As pFOkUS develops environmental friendly products  to save our environment we also show appreciation to all the children who need our help.   pFOkUS donates a portion of all sales to Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation. 


pfokus Caponi Grout Color Seal or Sealant 

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